My Story

Lisa and her boys


I’m Lisa, a Holistic Nutritionist aka Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP). My career began in the public relations industry where I facilitated marketing programs for a wide variety of clients in the food and beverage, nutrition, consumer and healthcare sectors. After fifteen years in the communications business, I decided to follow my true passion; that of food, wellness and helping others, and attended the Institute of Holistic Nutrition where I graduated with First Class Honours.


As a Holistic Nutritionist, I help clients achieve their best health through diet and lifestyle modification.  I provide individuals and families personalized plans to fuel their bodies and minds for optimal health and happiness.  My inspiration comes from personal experience rebuilding my own health, the health of my family and the challenges that come with that (one of my sons is Autistic) and countless similar stories I encounter speaking with colleagues, fellow parents and educators.  


As a Mom of two, I’m familiar with the struggle of trying to take care of yourself and feed your family well.  I used to feel like ‘I could be doing it better’ but just didn’t have the knowledge, time or energy to commit to it making a change.  I stepped away from a stressful career, shifted my priorities and created my business with busy individuals in mind.  Life certainly hasn’t gotten any slower, but the changes I’ve implemented (for myself, my family and my clients) certainly make it more manageable and a lot more fun!


Places I’ve lived:  Halifax, N.S. (BA Sociology, Dalhousie University), Australia (& other countries with a knapsack strapped to my back), Toronto (most of my life and proud of it!)