Workshops & Seminars

Lisa delivers motivating workshops & seminars that empower individuals to make practical, achievable changes in their lives, and also works with clients individually providing diet and lifestyle modifications through personalized consultations

Lisa’s passion for nutrition shines through when educating and working with groups both big and small.  Her lighthearted, fun approach to eating well is both engaging and informative.  As a Family Nutritionist, Lisa works individuals of all ages; from childhood to elderly, and is comfortable speaking to a wide range of audiences on a variety of topics. 

Corporate Groups

Mom Networks

Kids Groups

Schools, Private Clubs, Recreational Centers


Click on a topic below to see if Lisa’s most popular talks could benefit you or your organization, or contact her should your audience require something specific or more custom content. 

Workplace Wellness

New Mommy Self-Care

University Preparation

Nutrition for Kids

The Sugar Reset

Digestion & Weight Loss

Simplifying School Lunches & Snacks:  An Interactive Workshop for Parents & Kids

Boost Your Immune System – Naturally!

Understanding Allergies, Sensitivities, & Intolerances