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Individual Consultation

One-on-one nutritional consultation designed to address your goals, identify challenges and get you on the path to feeling great.  My approach is holistic in that I will provide diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations tailored specifically to you and your individual needs.  Lunch doesn’t have to be granola bars and coffee on the way to an afternoon meeting and dinner doesn’t have to be pizza and juice boxes on the way to hockey practice.  Whether you’re an active parent who want an energy boost, a busy executive who needs to function at your best, or maybe a hardworking student needing to maximize your nutrition on a minimal budget, I can help you reach your goals.

This package includes a complimentary 15-minute initial call to take you through my approach and two meetings; first to review your intake questionnaire, get to know you and provide some initial recommendations, and second to walk you through your personalized plan and answer any questions you may have.

All packages will be printable or digitally accessed and include additional information such as resources, meal planning tools, recipes if required, and more!

Holistic Nutrition services are covered by some health insurance plans.  Check with your provider.